Our agritech consultancy services provide founders and investors with immediate, sector-specific insight, tailored advice, guidance and expertise.

Acting as your ‘Agritech Concierge’, we help build companies, strategies, products, brands, audiences, customers and profits.

Pathfinding for the UK’s Agtech Industry.

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AgTech Compass is the pathfinding service for UK agtech. We are here for you – the innovators and entrepreneurs, the developers and pioneers, the investors and funders

Our agritech consultancy services support those who are committed to seeing the UK succeed as the beating heart of European agtech. 

A trusted partner, we identify and adopt successful business-wide strategies that will realise the full value of our clients’ technological and financial investments.

If you’re in agtech and an owner, a founder, an investor, a director…

AgTech Compass has something to offer you.

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realise your idea

Whatever stage you're at in product development, work with us to turn your idea into reality.

grow your business

Tailored advice from experts, from product development to IP protection, legal services and human resources.

capture your market

Understand your audience and develop marketing strategies to support and drive adoption and market share.


Whether you call it agtech or agritech, this is Agriculture 4.0. This fast-developing sector is expected to reach a global worth estimated at $240bn by 2050.

Agtech has a value of £14.3bn to the UK’s economy and supports 500,000 jobs, confirming the country’s historic credentials as a centre of agricultural science and innovation.

agritech consultancy from AgTech Compass
agtech experience meets expertise

Experience Meets ExpertiSe

AgTech Compass is where out-of-the-box, sector-specific support meets hands-on, sleeves-rolled-up, coalface services, helping you through every stage of your agtech development journey.

Product development and on-farm, real-life prototype testing. Market research, marketing strategies and brand development. IP protection and legal services. Media relations and PR services, Recruitment and human resources. And more. 

AgTech Compass is peopled by subject-matter experts: we all know agriculture and agtech inside-out. We all share your enthusiasm, and can each deploy our wide-ranging networks to connect you with influencers, researchers, testers, farmers, funders, government support – and more.

Our client experience ranges from the largest multinationals to the smallest, newest start-ups, in sectors ranging from animal health to agronomy to indoor farming.

This is agritech consultancy that helps you get your brand and company where they deserve to be.

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