As an agritech consultancy, we work closely with those funding and leading agritech investment. We don’t just support start-ups and early-stage companies.


Over the last decade, agritech investment has been remarkable for its growth and expansion. The sector’s received more than $6.7billion in the last five years, with at least $1.9bn in 2018 alone – although this probably underestimates the global total. The UK itself is at the top of the European league, according to research by AgFunder.

Why? There are several factors at play, but foremost is a practical matter: we need to feed the world without destroying the planet. Precisely, we need to grow significantly more food if we’re to feed the 9 or 10 billion mouths expected by 2050.

Almost perfectly aligned with this pressing need has been the increasing affordability (and capability) of technology: whether it’s imaging, computation, analysis, sensors or automation, their cost has fallen dramatically. No longer top-end, their deployment is now feasible within the world’s least digitised industry: agriculture.


Then there’s people, where two trends are evident. The speed with which the Big Four (GAFA – Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple) technology companies have created vast teams of employees has also ensured there’s a steady stream of tech-savvy ex-employees wanting to stretch their entrepreneurial muscles.

Meanwhile, in agriculture, redundancies arising from ongoing consolidation at the top of the industry have created a steady stream of ag talent. Equally keen to apply their knowledge and agricultural zeal, they too are going into start-ups, whether as founders or advisers to provide the agricultural grounding.

The panoply of opportunities presented by the global agritech ecosystem is truly enormous. Opportunities for investment abound.

But just because someone’s had an idea about how to change the way a farmer grows crops or raises animals, doesn’t make it a good idea.

As an agritech investor, what information do you need to make your decision?


At AgTech Compass, we have the grasp of market trends, values and behaviours that can prove invaluable in shaping investment decisions.

By analysing and evaluating funding applicants’ portrayal or interpretation of the market, and providing contextual market knowledge and insight, AgTech Compass helps investors assess a product’s potential – and gauge a founder’s true understanding of their market.

With our input, funders and investors can make decisions more objective. It’s an additional risk mitigation tool that – you could say – helps to sort the wheat from the chaff.

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